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Welcome...To the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa store.

ECP coyoteMatt RWB 2

Please note we will be closed from Saturday 15th June, and reopen on 1st July

Home of Elite Custom pistols

We try to stock anything that you will need for this great pistol, we stock and sell parts and upgrade parts for the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa's. We also specialise in practical pistol shooting (AIPSC and IPSC).

IN STOCK NOW, All of the AM and GB advanced frames, with or without rail, STI and SVI logos. £169.00

In stock now, but only a few left

The John Wick 3 frame and slide set, or to give it is correct name, STI Taran Combat Master( Taran Butler is the US shooter who coached Keanu Reeves) £365.00 apologies to anyone who I gave an incorrect price to.

Complete pistol as shown £596.00


This site is updated almost daily so there is always something new.

16 Bellrope Meadow, Sampford Road, Thaxted Essex, CM6 2FE Visitors by appointment only. Tel 07816 992417 Email, Please tell me if you are not in the UK.

Elite Custom Pistols,

All Elite Custom pistols are based upon TM Hi Capa 5.1. All are hand built by Mike Cripps, using the TM donor gun plus parts and accessories from the best manufactures of aftermarket parts that are available, Airsoft Masterpiece, Prohandgun, Nova, Shooters Design, Airsoft Surgeon, AIP, PDI, Nine Ball etc. The pistols shown are just a sample of what I can build for you.

All custom pistols are guaranteed parts and labour for 1 year

We no longer accept any credit or debit cards. We do accept Paypal or payment direct to our bank


Please note all slides are in very short supply, if it is not shown, then I do not have it in stock. I can get a slide that I have in stock anodised for you, it will take about 10 days

If its not shown on the slide page, I do not have it and cannot give a delivery date, the Hong Kong factories are out of stock. There is no date for any of the Limcat slides,Rio, Speed, Nano or Hive versions?

For UK customers only. All the guns shown on this website are airsoft replica imitation firearms (RIF's) and subject to the VCR Act 2006, and purchaser's must be 18 or over, and either have UKARA registration, or another allowed defence. Spares and upgrade parts are not affected.

For terms and conditions, opening times, VCR act information, see CONTACTS