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H&S Speedsec 6GF



The latest Hoppner & Schumman Speedsec 6 holster, now with a fully 4D adjustable ball fitting, the holster can be used either righthanded or left. will take a pistol from a 3 inch compact upt to a full 7 inch race gun. It comes with a std 1.5 inch hanger and an adjustable hanger suitable for duty style belts. Both holsters come with a range of spacers etc, so that it will take any of the following pistols. It takes 10 mins to swap from one to another.

Tangfoglio square trigger guard, Beretta 92F, CZ75, SP01,SP2, CZP09, STI/SVI, all 1911's without a rail, P99, Maruzen P99 aisroft, Walther Xesse, all Glocks, Sig P226, all Western Arms Hi capa, TM Hi capa, Pardini GT9, S&W MP9, GSG 1911/22 with or without rail, Steyr M9.

All the real version of the above and airsoft. It will also take most Umerex CO2 pistols, but some may need to have the spacers altered slightly.

Price GF £120.00


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