Custom Gas Pistols...

Please note that some of these guns were built months or even years ago, due to the nature of Airsoft, a lot of the manufactures of the parts used in these guns, only make limited qty's, so some parts may no longer be available

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Please note that the pistols shown above are not in stock, they are examples of pistols built for customers, also be aware that some of the parts shown, slides etc, may no longer be available?

Barts testMr Bart Verwijst of the Netherlands,used one of my custom pistols, this is a 13 shot group shot at 10m with precision 0.25 BB's, the centre ring is 7 cm wide, indoor at 23c the pistol, was fitted with a 6 inch 6.01mm barrel, Nine Ball hop rubber, AIP loading nozzle and an AIP lightweight blow back unit.

Please note all all custom Tokyo Marui pistols, I build using the NEW TM pistol you supplied are guaranteed for 1 year (unless otherwise stated )if used with an appropriate Airsoft gas. However if you use propane or HPA with any gun then you invalidate the guarantee. If the pistol you supplied was used, then I give a 3 month guarantee.

I set all of my guns up with Guarder Power Up gas and .30 BB's. If using lower powered gas and lighter BB's then you will need to carry out tests to ensure that the hop etc is set for them.

I now only build guns to order, using a new or used pistol supplied by you, Please email or call with your requirements and I will try and help. Please note that I only offer this for UK customers.

So you supply the gun, then I would, fit to it, an alloy slide of your choice from what is shown the slide page of this website, Elite 6.02 inner barrel, a CCT, Nine Ball or DP hop bucking, the hardness to suite you style of shooting, a 140% recoil spring (or 120% if you prefer) an Elite loading nozzle. The approx cost is £120.00 plus shipping. There are many other options, Fibre optic sights, L/W BBU's and so on. You choose exactly what you want.

I only have the Mega slide in stock, red, blue, dark grey, gold and titanium (light grey)