Custom Gas Pistols...

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Elite Custom Pistol gallery these are samples of what can be done

Barts testMr Bart Verwijst of the Netherlands,used one of my custom pistols, this is a 13 shot group shot at 10m with precision 0.25 BB's, the centre ring is 7 cm wide, indoor at 23c the pistol, was fitted with a 6 inch 6.01mm barrel, Nine Ball hop rubber, AIP loading nozzle and an AIP lightweight blow back unit.

Please note, I can export my pistols to any country where it is legal for you to import them, however I cannot export anything that looks like a "real gun" to the USA or Canada

I have supplied my custom pistols to customers in the, USA, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Finland, France, Norway, Romania, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Malta and Croatia.

Please note, all the fps figures shown are taken with Guarder Power up gas, or Nuprol 4 with 0.20BB's, (the industry STD, all guns are usually tested with .20 BB's, so that you can compare results easily) at higher or lower temperatures they will go up or down. They will also vary slightly from gun to gun, so please treat them for guidance only. Note that as I say here, all the guns are tuned for use with Guarder Power Up gas, and 0.30 BB's. If you use lower powered gas then they may not function perfectly, please tell me when ordering if you want the pistol set up for use with STD green gas?

Please be aware that the colours shown, should be treated as a guide only. Photographic lighting and the setting of your computer screen, will affect the colour you are seeing.

Level 1 new

A TM Hi Capa 5.1 black or silver with an Elite custom 6.02 mm barrel, UAC uprated hop rubber,and an AIP uprated loading nozzle, and 120% recoil uprated springs.

With green gas and 0.20 BB,s chronos at 300fps,and gives better accuracy then the std TM. £165.00

With a Cerakoted blue or red slide, VCR compliant £175.00

Cra red 1

Level 2

A TM Hi Capa 5.1 black or silver, with a CNC alloy slide, you choose from the slides priced at £55.00 to £79.00 from my website, with an Elite custom 6.02 mm barrel, UAC uprated hop rubber,and an AIP uprated loading nozzle, and 120% or 140% uprated springs. At 12c with green gas and 0.20 BB,s chronos at 300fps, and gives better accuracy then the std TM.

From £225.00

Or I can do the same as above but using a TM Gold Match as the base gun for £269.00

If you do not have a UKARA No, then you can have coloured slide, same price, these are anodised not painted.


Inf blueInf pink

I am sorry, but my stock of ready built custom pistols is very low at present. I will endeavor to put more on here soon.

In the meantime, I can still build guns to order, just email or call with your requirements and I will try and help.

Please note that some of the guns below are one off's and cannot be repeated at the price shown

AM std open

Elite Custom Standard 5.1 £249.00

Std 5 inch 2t 2

Elite Custom Standard 5.1 £269.00

Std 6 inch open 2

Elite Custom Standard 6 inch£399.00

GB tri 1

Elite Custom Triangle 5 inch£269.00