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Tokyo Marui DOR 5.1

The New Tokyo marui 5.1 inch Hi Capa DOR. Direct Optics Ready. Th gun is designed to accept the Tokyo Marui red dot sight, a ultra lightweight bright sight (not included) it is supplied with 2 mounting plates,one sits the sight as low as posssible on the slide, the other is a little higher, but includes a set of open sights that can be seeen through the red dot sight. Very accurate, firing at around 290fps with 0.2g BB's and green gas. it can be upgraded easily to 300fps or more. Magazine Capacity of 30 rounds (+1). Ambidextrous safety catch, An excellent skirmishing pistol.

£99.00 red dot sight optional £44.00

Although not strictly speaking a custom gun the new Tokyo Marui Hi Capa DOR (Direct Optics Ready) is a new design from TM, The lower part of the gun is as before although it has a new style trigger and hammer. The slide though is virtually all new, the only parts carried over from the old 5.1 is the inner barrel and hop bucking, everything else is new.

Some upgrades can be fitted.

tight Inner barrel from £15.00

Hop bucking from £4.00

Metal outer barrel from £37.00, but you will also need a 5.1 hop base from £12.00

Hammers from £10.00

Triggers from £12.00

Grip safetys from £22.00

Thumb safetys from £14.00

Loading nozles from £10.00

Please note that if you fit a metal outer barrel and hop base, then the slide stop may need some filing to fit? Please note some of the screws on the gun are torx type and not hex, so be carefull not to damage them by using the wrong driver?

But the main feature is that the gun has a removable combat style rear sight, and a TM Red dot sight, very light and very bright can be screwed straight onto it? ether directly on the the slide so a very low profile, or with the included mount as shown above, which gives you a set of crude open sights. With some small spacers under the sight, a G&G will fit and work (only with the included mount).

£110.00 TM Red dot sight £44.00 or as a pair £154.00


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