Gas Pistol Magazines...

Genuine Tokyo Marui Magazines and parts

TM HC magHC mag sil

Hi Capa 5.1 32 rd mag will also fit 4.3 £33.00 Hi Capa 5.1 Match 32 rd mag silver, fits all Hi Capa's. BOTH IN STOCK

50rd magHi Capa 50rd mag, £39.00 IN STOCK


Magazine lips, Gas routers & hop rubbers.

Please note that over the last few month's TM have uprated both the gas router and the valve in their magazines, so unless you have magazines 6 months old or older, there is no advantage to changing them.

Mag o ringO ring for 4.3 or 5.1 std magazine £1.00 each


TM mag spring TM magazine spring for 4.3 or std 5.1 mags £4.00, not for 50rd mag's

NB packing Nine Ball gas routers for TM Hi Capa magazines (not the 50 rd )£9.00 pack of 2 OUT OF STOCK

TM std valveNew improved TM output valve £8.00

TM mag sealGas routers for HI Capa 28 and 32 rd mags £2.00 not for the 50 rd magazine

TM gas router for the 50 rd magagzine £2.00

Hi cap mag lipOriginal TM mag lips, for all Hi Capa 28 or 32 rd magazine's, will not fit 1911 magazines £3.00 IN STOCK. Out of stock of the one for the 50 rd magazines

TM followersBB followers for Hi Capa, magazines. £4.00 each, for 4.3 and 5.1 mags, OUT OF STOCK. followers for the TM 50 rd mag now in stock

TM fill valveMagazine fill valve £4.00, for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 4.3 & 5.1, all M1911/MEU style mags, and Glock pistol mags, But not, Desert Eagle or Socom MK23 OUT OF STOCK, also in stock fill valves for the 50 rd magazine £5.00

FV o ringsSet of 5 replacement O rings for the TM fill valve (these are not the silent fill o rings, they are the ones around the screw thread)£3.00


TM basesBlack mag bumpers for Hi Capa 5.1 magazines £4.00 each, Alloy ones also available, from £12.00


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