Gas Pistol Parts...

Please note, that I do not sell or supply any parts for Raven, Novritsch,Vorsk, WE, Army, Jag, EMG ( Evike) KJW, Armorer Works and any other clones of TM pistols, It is possible that some Tokyo Marui parts and parts designed for TM pistols will fit and work, but I do not guarantee that they will fit or work. You buy them at YOUR RISK, I will not accept them back if they do not fit or work correctly. None of these guns are exact copy's of the TM Hi Capa, some parts especially on the Armour Works and WE 's are completely different. People will disagree, but these guns are not designed to need any upgrades, they usually offer very good value for money, but are not 100% TM compatible?

Please also note that I now only stock and sell spare parts and upgrade's for Tokyo Marui, Hi Capa 5.1, and most internal parts for the 4.3

Please note that all items that fit onto a slide, are designed to fit the std TM plastic slide, so some items such as sights and cocking handles, may need some fitting if used with an alloy slide?

Please be aware that even high quality aftermarket parts, triggers, hammers, and any other parts may require some fitting, especially if parts from different makers are being used together. If in doubt, get advice, or a competent gunsmith to fit them for you. Installing parts requires some knowledge of the internal workings of a hi Capa. The condition of each gun and its internal parts will be different, especially if other parts have been installed. Regular maintenance is needed on all airsoft pistols to keep it in good working condition and reduce wear on all parts.

DP aluminium loading nozzle £35.00 last one

Sale and 1 off parts

Hop bucking Nine Ball, CCT and DP


Elite Grip silRTB elite grips

Elite CNC aluminium grips for Hi capa all include a magwell and extended mag catch £149.00

Cowcow Tecnology CCT (formally UAC)

CCT buffercct 180

Superb quality parts from CCT for Hi Capa's


Dynamic Precision (formally UAC)

UAC NozzleUAC sightDP valveDP 75 hop

Superb quality parts from DP for Hi Capa's

Elite BB unitElite blk bb unitElite catch

Elite ambi blkElite LN 8Elite FO sight

And now a range of upgraded parts for Hi Capa's,

Elite Custom upgrades for TM Hi Capa Inc tight bore barrels


Chris Custom copper compensators, silver, heavier then alloy, so better balance on the gun and less flip. Steel outer barrel, £79.00 Ops style so sloping shoulders to match. Takes a 6 inch inner barrel. Only 1 silver in stock

A Depot 2 inch round top style compensator, with a stainless steel non dropping outer barrel, takes a 7 inch inner barrel £99.00 1, 2 tone only in stock

Alloy Slides for Hi Capa 5.1 and Gold Match £79.00

2011 frame2011 gold

STI adv frame2011 2t frame

Airsoft Masterpiece advanced frames for the 5.1 OUT OF STOCK

Alloy slide and compensator sets

Alloy slide and frame sets

5.1 sil slide

Gold Match slides in stock, a few only

Original TM slides, frames, and outer barrels

Elite 51 grip 1GR screwsBlk M4 2

Hi Capa grips

cocking handles L/H or R/H from £10.00

AKA tr

Thumb rest's from £10.00

UAC hop baseleaf springsteel knockerAS pin setUAC nozzlePHG BB unitSpringad bufferNB hop

Uprated internel parts for TM Hi Capa etc,

Lees 3 kit

Seal (O ring sets) for Hi capa magazines

Red dot mounts

C more shade 2C more shade

Red dot sights

Stainless steel hammers for TM MEU/1911/Hi Capa

ham plate 1ham plate 5Hammer/frame protection plate for Hi Capa back in stock

Elite 5.1 metal outer barrels with 11 mm internal thread, all now include a steel 14mm CCW adapter

Aluminium silver £39.00 other colours, black, gold, blue, red and purple

Gunsmith steel outers threaded, black £49.00

Tornado style steel outers £55.00

Steel and alloy outer barrels for Hi Capa 5.1 and thread adapter

Hi Capa Magwell's

Alloy mag base's £14.00

BB unitTM HopLeaf springTM LN intHi cap hammer

TM Original replacement parts for Hi Capa, etc and a few third party parts

Checkered 5.1 MCPro AS safetyPro ASaip catch smag catch, slide stops and safety's for Hi capa

Pro FO rera 2Elite ghostElite ghost rin 5DP A B sightUAC FOSights for TM Hi Capa 5.1

AD triggersAD trigger redAM 3

Alloy Triggers, for Hi capa 4.3 and 5.1, will also fit, M1911, MEU, Night warrior etc

AIP valve setValve Key