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Slide's etc all for 4.3 Hi capa

ps43How do you want your 4.3?

43 ops 2t 43 ops blk

LB 43 2tShuey ball blk

43 shuey 2t 143 shuey 2t 2

43 STI Custom 2t 143 STI custom 2t 2

Airsoft Masterpiece (Gunsmith Bros) alloy slides for Hi capa 4.3, OPS style black and 2 tone, or the La Brama style £69.00. Just in Shuey Ballistic slide in 2 tone or silver, black to order, £69.00 STI Custom 2 tone, silver or black to order £69.00

I can supply any of the slides above hard anodised almost any colour, same price £69.00, approx 7-10 days for delivery.

GB 43 outer

Airsoft Masterpiece 4.3 Steel outer barrel £61.00 no thread

UAC 43 flute

UAC 4.3 steel outer barrels, silver or gold fluted £69.00 no thread

elite B3

Elite 6.02 mm tight bore barrel £20.00

UAC hop

UAC hop rubber £7.00

AIP 43 sight 1AIP 43 sight 2

AIP fibre optic sight set for Hi capa 4.3, front and rear inc rods £27.00. Back in stock

43 blk slidePOS 2 tOriginal TM 4.3 black plastic slide £16.00 or 2 tone plastic £18.00, no parts are included, the price is just for the slide

43 rear sight and screwGuarder steel rear sight and screw for the 4.3 £11.00

43 recoil plugTM 4.3 recoil plug £8.00

43 outersTM 4.3 outer barrels £10.00


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