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Chris comps

New Chris Custom copper compensators, 2 styles round top or sloping so will work with most standard 5.1 slide, silver, black or gold. £129.00 for a comp and outer barrel, slide not included. The are all used with a 6 inch inner barrel.Note being copper these are heavier then an aluminium one, so recoil and lift are reduced, also being copper they cannot be anodised, any other colour.

Round top silver and OPS (sloping top) style gold

Airsoft Masterpiece compensators and outer barrels, OPS style with sloping shoulders, 2 tone, black, gold or silver. These will take a 7 inch outer barrel. Compensator's with outer barrel, gold or silver £129.00

Ops style sloping shoulders

Gold outer barrel for compensator

Silver outer barrel and sleeve shows how the 2 fit together with a compensator

Compensator showing how it locks onto a barrel, it cannot just be screwed onto a theaded outer barrel.




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