Gas Pistol Parts...

Cowcow Technology!

These parts for the Hi capa 5.1 are top quality, all perfectly made to do the job, they were designed for.

CCT H51-52 inner side plate for original TM frames, 7075 aluminium £19.00 inc screw

CCT hop base, 3 way adjustable so it sits in the frame without any movement £49.00, please not come with a hop arm or a bucking.

CCT steel knocker lock, no spring £11.00

CCT competitio disconnector £11.00

CCT Knocker lock spring £1.00

CCT 180

CCT ultra loading nozzle spring 180%, should solve any sticking loading nozzle problems, as long as you lubricate the nozzle often. £4.00 Sorry, I am very low on stock, so only 1 per customer

CCT nozzleCCT Aluminium loading nozzle, very consistant gas flow, and virtually unbreakable £35.00 (note the nozzle is not supplied with any internal parts, you use your existing ones)

CCT piston headEnhanced piston head for TM Hi Capa, more durable and give's a tighter seal for improved performance £6.00 piston head only BBU is not included Note these only fit the original TM BBU

Sorry but CCT cannot give a delivery date for any of the 5 inch steel outer barrels!

 buffersShort stroke buffer set, 4 pairs of buffers, each a different hardness, so you can fine tune the effect £11.00