Gas Pistol Parts...

Cowcow Technology! formally UAC

These parts for the Hi capa 5.1 are top quality, all perfectly made to do the job, they were designed for.

CCT lightweight BBU, black or silver weighs 16 grams, comes with 3 different size O rings, so you can set it up with whatever nozzle you use £35.00 spare O rings £4.00 for 3

CCT 180

CCT ultra loading nozzle spring 180%, should solve any sticking loading nozzle problem £4.00

CCT steel guide rods, with adjustable springs, act as a short stroke kit, and reduce recoil, gold and silver (not shown) £26.00 all in stock

CCT nozzleCCT Aluminium loading nozzle, very consistant gas flow, and virtually unbreakable £47.00 (note the nozzle is not supplied with any internal parts, you use your existing ones)

NEW CCT reinforced loading nozzle 14.25 mm int diameter the TM one is 13.80mm. complete with new style valve and piston head, will fit original TM BBU or the various light weight ones, gives a very consistent gas flow. £19.00

CCT piston headEnhanced piston head for TM Hi Capa, more durable and give's a tighter seal for improved performance £6.00 piston head only BBU is not included Note these only fit the original TM BBU

Sorry but CCT cannot give a delivery date for any of the 5 inch steel outer barrels!


CCT 2mmCCT 2 mm fibre optic rods 1 red 1 green £3.90

 buffersShort stroke buffer set, 4 pairs of buffers, each a different hardness, so you can fine tune the effect £11.00