Gas Pistol Parts...

Cowcow Technology!

These parts for the Hi capa 5.1 are top quality, all perfectly made to do the job, they were designed for.

CCT aluminum rear sight for Hi capa 5.1 or Gold Match. has 2 grub screws that hold it tight on the frame. £33.00

CCT stainless steel screw and spring set for TM Hi Capa rear sight £7.00

CCT Hop base back in stock, for 1911 or Hi capa, adjustable for fit in the frame, includes a metal wheel and a stainless steel hop arm £44.00

CCT H51-52 inner side plate for original TM frames, 7075 aluminium £19.00 inc screw

CCT steel knocker lock, no spring £11.00

CCT Knocker lock spring £1.00

CCT 180

CCT ultra loading nozzle spring 180%, should solve any sticking loading nozzle problems, as long as you lubricate the nozzle often. £4.00

CCT piston headEnhanced piston head for TM Hi Capa, more durable and give's a tighter seal for improved performance £6.00 piston head only BBU is not included Note these only fit the original TM BBU

 buffersShort stroke buffer set, 4 pairs of buffers, each a different hardness, so you can fine tune the effect £11.00