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CNC Advanced frame's for Hi Capa.

Airsoft Masterpiece CNC aluminium advanced frames, full length rail's for the slide to run on, so less movement then the standard TM one, can also be anodised virtually any colour, I have in stock, STI 2011 in black, silver, 2 tone and gold, with and without rail, and SVI with rail, black, silver and gold.£162.00








































2011 gold

2011 silver


STI blak rSTI adv frame

2011 2t frame

SVI and STI with rail, back in stock, below £162.00

SV rail 2tSVI r blk

SVI rail sil

SI R STI r blk

STI R sil


All the Advanced frame's are supplied with a seperate hammer box, with a steel sear and a steel knocker (firing pin) and spring.

hammer boxThis makes assembly etc much simpler then the standard frame, note the hammer is not supplied but shown to illustrate how it fits, You will also need to supply a disconnector and knocker lock with spring.

All the above are in stock, all are the STI 2011 marked versions, I do usually have the SVI marked ones in stock.

pink frame

Elite Cerakoted TM frames. These are not the advanced frame's

Cera GM frameGold match style £62.00 OUT OF STOCK

Cera 4.3Cerakoted 5.1 railed frame £62.00 black only

Standard 5.1 frames, no rail, Cerakoted not pictured £62.00


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