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CNC alloy frames for Hi capa

Airsoft Masterpiece (Gunsmith Bros who make Airsoft Masterpice slides etc )

High quality STI/SVI CNC aluminium frames for Hi capa 5.1, 1 piece body with unbroken guide rails for the slide, so enhances accuracy, as the slide can be held in contact with the frame, very stong and will not flex, as there is no side plate. Each frame comes with a drop in hammer box, with a steel sear and knocker (firing pin) so they are much easier to dismantle. £179.00,












STI frame NR 2t

























STI f nr blk

SV f no rail sil SV f 2t

SV FNR blk








hammer box 34Hammer block, steel sear and knocker with spring are included, but not the hammer, just shown for information.

Pink frame2011 gold

I can also supply frames, anodised to the colour of your choice, delivery 7-10 days

Please see the CNC alloy grips on the website, this will give you an idea of the colour's available.

You can see a colour swatch here If the colour you want is not here, then almost any part can be Cerakoted, in a wude range of colours, see

Please not Cerakoting is much mor expensive then anodising a slide will be approx £15.00



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