Gas Pistol Parts...

Dynamic Precision! formally UAC

These parts for the Hi capa 5.1 are top quality, all perfectly made to do the job, they were designed for.

DP hammer cUAC hammer aUAC hammer open

DP stainless steel hammers £34.00, 3 styles all black, silver or gold

DP grip

DP contoured grips, sit low in the hand £16.00, set of grip tape, 1 black and 1 grey £3.00, or can be stippled see below add £10.00

UAC KN springDP Knocker lock spring, TM part H51-51, 2 pieces £3.00

UAC frontDP 2mm front real fibre optic sight inc red and green inserts, £15.00

UAC R plateDP (was UAC) rear F/O plate, fits onto a std TM rear sight £16.00

UAC FODP Real Fibre optic rods, not just a piece of plastic, very bright even when cut to fit your sight, red or green £3.00 for 2 (same colour) Green 1.5mm x 50mm Red 1.5 mm x 50mm

DP hopNew the DP (formally the UAC) hop rubber, hardness rating 60, perfect for modified higher power pistol's and any one using heavier BB's £8.00 a little softer then the blue 70, gives a little more range.


New DP lightweight BBU, black or silver, even ligher then before 16 gram, with a new nylon piston £32.00

DP Match cylinder, latest design, dual airseal, no O ring required, a perfect seal when used with the DP BBU and alloy loading nozzle £9.50, this may work with other CNC BBU's and loading nozzle, but is not guaranteed

UAC nozzleDP Aluminium loading nozzle, very consistant gas flow, and virtually unbreakable £47.00 (note the nozzle is not supplied with any internal parts, you use your existing ones)

DP blockerDP CNC Loading nozzle blocker £16.00

DP valveDP CNC floating valve, latest design £10.00

DP 130% LN

DP uprated 130 % nozzle spring, for faster and consisent operation £3.00

AIP lockDP steel knocker lock and spring £12.00





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