Gas Pistol Parts...

Please be aware, that due to manufacturing tolerances, the width of front sights and the matching dovetail on the slide may mean that a front sight, may be a little loose, so need to be glued in place, or tight so may need to be filed down to fit, and again glued in place.

Rear sights tend to fit without any need to adjust, but if they are tight, do not hammer them in, you might crack the slide, again, if you do need to file the dovetail on the slide, only take off enough to ensure a snug fit.

Elite steel fibre optic sight set for 5.1 or Gold match inc red and green inserts £25.00

CCT fibre optic rear sight plate, replaces the original rear plate on the CCT or TM rear sight, polished interior reflects the light so giving a brighter image, £16.00 Includes a red and green rod.

CCT stainless steel screw and spring set for TM Hi Capa 5.1 or Gold Match sights £6.00


Elite ghost rin 5Elite Ghost ringNew Elite Ghost or peep sight, the original Shooters Design one was discontinued a few years ago, So Elite have got UAC to produce this new version for us. £8.00



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