Gas Pistol Parts...

51 sightsOriginal TM 5.1 sights front £6.00 rear £18.00


UAC R plateDP (was UAC) rear F/O plate, fits onto a std TM rear sight £16.00

DP A B sihgtDP fibre optic front sight, A on the right and B on the left, includes a red and green rod £14.00

Elite FO sight New Elite steel front and rear sight set for the TM Hi capa 5.1, with red and green inserts £29.00, Note I supply the UAC real fibre optic rods with these sights.


Elite F0 45Elite fibre optic front sight for all models of TM Hi capa includes a red and a green rod £9.00

Elite ghost rin 5Elite Ghost ringNew Elite Ghost or peep sight, the original Shooters Design one was discontinued a few years ago, So Elite have got UAC to produce this new version for us. £14.00

UAC FOReal Fibre optic rods, not just a piece of plastic, very bright even when cut to fit your sight, red or green £3.00 for 2 (same colour)1.5mm x 50mm green or 1.5mm x 50mm red

CCT 2mCCT fibre optic rods 2 mm 1 of each red and green £3.90



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