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AIP 43 sight 1

AIP fibre optic sight set for TM Hi capa 4.3 front and rear, inc green and red rods.

£23.00 Back in stock

UAC LW rearUAC ultra light weight alloy rear sight for the 5.1 Hi Capa, slightly oversized for a perfect fit in alloy slides (may need to be filed a little) includes steel screws,and has 2 grub screws so that the sight can be locked in place on the slide £51.00 It will of course accept the UAC Tritium day and night rear or the fibre optic option.

UAC sightUAC F/O sight set, fits onto existing TM rear sight, with a match front sight, with green, real fibre optic elements (not just a piece of plastic) £58.00 OUT OF STOCK

Now with tritium inserts, so offering a really bright fibre optic sight in daylight, and true glow in the dark

night sights


UAC frontNew UAC real fibre optic front sight for Hi Capa's inc red and green rod £15.00

UAC R plate 1UAC R plate 2

New UAC rear plate with F/O rods, fits onto your existing Hi Capa rear sight £21.00 TM rear sight not included.


Elite FO sight New Elite steel front and rear sight set for the TM Hi capa 5.1, with red and green inserts £29.00, Note I supply the UAC real fibre optic rods with these sights. BACK IN STOCK

Elite ghost rin 5Elite Ghost ringNew Elite Ghost or peep sight, the original Shooters Design one was discontinued a few years ago, So Elite have got UAC to produce this new version for us. £14.00

UAC FOReal Fibre optic rods, not just a piece of plastic, very bright even when cut to fit your sight, red or green £3.00 for 2 (same colour)1.5mm x 50mm green or 1.5mm x 50mm red

UAC screw setUAC steel screw set for the std TM adjustable sight, unlike the TM ones which can break when being used with powerful gas, these will not. £6.00 inc springs



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