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Elite Custom tight bore inner barrels

Elite tight bore inner barrels available in 4, 5, 6 and seven inch lengths in 6.02 mm calibre. Available for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa series, 4.3, 5.1 and Gold Match and all MEU/ Warrior versions. A tightened inner barrel will give an increase in muzzle velocity, around 15- 20fps, and will improve the accuracy of the weapon it is installed into.

All lengths now £18.00

5 inch (113mm) 6 inch (135mm) 7 inch (161mm)

I have had these made for me, by a respected Hong Kong company, stainless steel, perfect finish,6.02 mm.will give better accuracy and more fps, it is the perfect compromise for IPSC, practical pistol or skirmishing. I have used the samples in my own guns for the last 3 years, with superb results.

Please note that the 6.02mm will give better accuracy and more fps, and give you longer range!

Elite Custom upgrade parts for TM Hi capa's

Elite BB unitLightweight Blow back unit, 21g, inc screw and nozzle spring £24.00. OUT OF STOCK. Spare O rings £2.00 for 3.

Elite LN 8Elite loading nozzle, 2018 version,fully assembled, tougher then before. £10.00 BACK IN STOCK

Elite leafElite steel leaf spring, stronger then the TM part, less chance of it losing tension and causing full auto problems, £8.00

Elite Grip safety for Hi capa's £22.00, unlike the TM original's these are Nitride coated so will not peel and wear like the TM ones. Black and silver

Elite magazine catch for all Hi Capas. Nitride coated so will not peel or wear easily silver or black, £9.00 Gold special offer £7.00

Back in stock. Elite aluminium 5.1 outer barrels. Threaded with an internal 11 mm CW thread. £42.00 Non dropping/fixed style. Only, black, blue, silver, red and purple in stock.

New and in stock, Elite stainless steel 5.1 outer barrel, Threaded with an internal 11 mm CW thread. £59.00 Non dropping/fixed style. Black only in stock .45 ACP markings

So to fit a 14mm CCW silencer or similar, you will need an adapter, Lees £10.00


Elite 14 mm CCW thread protector, black, silver or gold £10.00. Supplied with an O rng to keep it from coming loose

Thread protector £10.00 A on the left or B on the right.

All the above barrels have a modified lug, so it does not drop when the slide moves backwards, so there is less movement between the barrel and slide, thus improving accuracy and reliability.


Elite FO sightElite steel front and rear sight set, with fibre optic inserts, red and green £29.00. BACK IN STOCK

Elite Ghost or peep sight, the original Shooters Design one was discontinued a few years ago, So Elite have got UAC to produce this new version for us. £14.00


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