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Please note that most aftermarket parts tend to be a little oversized so you may need to file or trim parts or what they are fitted to, in order to getthem to fit and work?

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AIP sil catchAIP blk catch

AIP Extended mag catch for Hi capa, black, gold, silver, purple and red inc spring and bolt £27.00

Airsoft Surgeon steel thumb safety. Black or silver £18.00

Gunsmith Bros High Quality, steel controls for Hi Capa, will not wear or bend like soft alloy parts.


Wilson sil ambi

Wilson style, black, silver or gold

STI sil ambiSTI silver onlyAM extra wide thumb safety, 1 only £39.00 ex dem.

Gunsmith Bros steel thumb safety, £48.00,


STI blk BTSTI bt sil STI style gold in stock. SVI silver and black in stock.

Airsoft Masterpiece steel CNC grip safety's


AIP sil SSAIP black SS

AIP stainless steel slide stop, £32.00, black or silver


Airsoft Masterpiece stainless steel mag catch, black or silver, STI or Limcat logo







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