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Grips for Hi Capa etc

DP/CCT Black grips for all Hi Capa's,£18.00 shaped so the pistol sits lower in the hand. Can be covered with grip tape. Black set of 2, £3.80. To have it stippled add £10.00.

Add £10.00 Please note the patterns have changed

Elite Custom Hi Capa Grip

A custom grip for your hi capa with a hi grip non slip surface, just the thing to replace the original one. Note only the grip is included, there is no magwell, trigger or mag catch included.

Elite 51 grip 1Elite 51 grip 2

Price: £19.00p. you can select the pattern, see above

STI logoSTI RSSTI goldSTI silSVI goldRed SVI 2Now a Limcat logo, gold

Metal STI/SVI logos' colours as above. Self adhesive £7.00 a pair

GR screwsGold, red, black, blue and silver grip screws £6.00 a pair

Please note that some grips may need modification to fit some pistols, and that different screws may be required?


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