Gas Pistol Parts...

Hex style ony gold and 2 tone £29.00 Combat style all in stock

Commander style, all in stock £29.00 Gunsmith Bros,CQB style includes strut pin, (no strut) £29.00 ONLY 2 tone in stock

UAC g hammerUAC B hammer

DP (was UAC) steel hammers, ultra light, spur serrations make it easy to cock, type A £15.00 black and gold only

UAC hammer C DP steel hammers type B, £15.00

All 3 now in what DP are calling the Rainbow £10.00 2 hole top. Commander middle, or tactical

Note these hammers, are not supplied with a sear or strut etc, you use your existing one's but they are supplied with a pin to attach it to a strut

GB ss strutGunsmith Bros Stainless Steel hammer strut £8.00, a pin is not included silver or gold


Please note these hammers should fit the pistol without any fitting, but please be aware that you may have to file or do some other work to your frame etc, If in doubt then get a competent gunsmith to fit it for you.


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