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Hop buckings

CCT hop 2

CCT hop bucking set, unsure about exactly which hardness of hop you should use, then this CCT set of 3 hop rubbers will help, all 3 for £11.00 manufactured of high quality anti-oil rubber material. It can prevent swelling, scratch and during heavy usage. Its re-designed entrance shape can better fit with nozzle movement to prevent jamming. Flared chamber allows BB feeding much smoother. There are 3 levels of hardness (50°White/60°Red/70°Black) in a package. The harder the hop the more fps, the softer the more range? £11.00 for the 3 or £4.00 each (50°White/60°Red/70°Black)

NB hop hardNB hop

Nine Ball hop bucking, the original soft version purple approx 60 £13.00 the red the new hard version approx 80£13.00, choose the purple one for max range and the red for max fps. For TM Hi capa's the soft giving a bit more range, but will wear faster then a hard one. OUT OF STOCK OF THE 60 PURPLE



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