Gas Pistol Parts.

All the slides here are Airsoft Masterpiece slides, or Gunsmith Bros. All slides come with a silver guide rod plug. All are for the TM Hi Capa 5.1 or the Gold Match

The supply of slides is improving, but.

There is no date for any of the, Rio, Speed, Nano, Hawk or Hive versions. Please do not ask for slides not shown below, they are just not available? I will put slides on here just as soon as I get them.

In stock now, Limcat Battlecat slide.

In black, silver or gold, £89.00, OUT OF STOCK OF GOLD, I SHOULD HAVE MORE AROUND THE 16th NOVEMBER

To order, gold Battlecat slide with black lettering, or black with gold lettering £104.00

In stock now, a limited qty, the Taran Tactical Inovations Combat Master or as most people call it the John Wick 3 slide, all black, all silver or 2 tone £89.00

New Infinity standard slide, black, silver or 2 tone £79.00 And now, pink, red, blue, grey, gold and purple.


Back in stock, Triangle style 5.1 slides in black, silver, green, red, blue, gold and 2 tone, £79.00

New 5.1 Stacca style slide Black, silver, purple, red, blue, gold, pink, dark grey or 2 tone £65.00 Low cost, highest quality.


Aqua 5.1, £69.00, red, blue, black, purple and gold


STI DVC 3 gun, same as original STI DVC Limited but with 3 gun engraved on the side, 2 tone, black, silver, red, purple, dark grey, blue and gold £79.00

I only have the slides shown above in stock

I do not stock any 4.3 slides




New service, have a logo or name etc on your alloy slide, here is a Hive slide with a bee engraved £30.00. Hive B slideYou need to supply a JPEG or similar with your design

Hive 47DOm 2

Axe 1

I can supply any of the slides above anodised almost any colour, approx 10-14 days for delivery.

You can see a colour swatch here If the colour you want is not here, then almost any part can be Cerakoted, in a wide range of colours, see

Please note Cerakoting is much more expensive then anodising. I will need to quote on a case by case basis, as the cost to me has risen drastically?

Please see the CNC alloy grips on the website, this will give you an idea of the colour's available.

We cannot do Guarder slides, We can anodise, CNC alloy frames, but not the std TM alloy ones.

Please note these slides, above are all CNC machined and should fit the pistol without any fitting, but please be aware that you may have to file or do some other work to your frame and possibly outer barrel, If in doubt then get a competent gunsmith to fit it for you.

TM rails

TM frames are cast, so you may need to gently file, the areas shown, (green arrows) were casting marks are sometimes present, this is just a few strokes

with a fine file, not major work?

5.1 4.35.1 slide on a 4.3 frame

Alloy slides for TM Hi Capa 5.1, 1911 and MEU. Note a Hi Cap 5.1 slide will fit a 4.3, It will also look a little odd, and you will require a 5.1 rear sight, 5 inch inner barrel, 5 inch outer barrel, and a longer recoil rod etc. To use an alloy 5.1 slide on an 1911/MEU etc you will need a 5.1 rear sight and rear sight.

Please be aware that the colours shown, should be treated as a guide only. Photographic lighting and the setting of your computer screen, will affect the colour you are seeing.


To place an order with us you will need to contact us either:

by telephone on: 07816 992417 or via e-mail on:

We accept Paypal, or payment to my bank