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Red dot sight mounts

Now that the A Depot 90 degree C more no drill easy fit mount is available again, I can adapt it to accept a replica RMR or Mini red dot sight. Each one is made by hand to order, it can be as shown raw aluminum, so some tool marks etc are visible £59.00 or anodised any colour £69.00, so marks are not so noticable, delivery, In aluminum approx 4-5 days, anodised about 14. 1 x anodised silver in stock

IN STOCK NOW, the MITA sight mounts for the TM Hi Capa 5.1 or Gold match, only for the replica RMR.

CNC aluminium mount 2 styles

1, no see though fixed sights £19.00 Out of stock.

2, With see though fixed sights £17.00green or red f/o rods are supplied. All fitting screws are provided, the design gives a very snug secure fit onto the slide.


Mini dot with rail mount, Mini dot with low plate, C more with rail mount. Black mount on its own, C more fitted with a low plate.

New Airsoft Surgeon no drill sight mount, supplied as standard with a RIS rail, so it will accept any red dot sight. £24.00 In stock, black  . A big advantage over any other no drill mount is that is comes with an extended slide stop, so that function is not lost. As its a bit high for using a Mini red dot sight, I am offering a black 3D plate drilled to accept an RMR. £14.00. (Shield and G&G version no longer available) Alloy plate for the C more £24.00 made to order silver only.

A Depot 90 degree C more sight mount, no drilleing required, £52.00 silver or black.


AIP 90 degree mount for a C more, gives a really low dot for better dot acquisition, black, silver, red or purple

£33.00 latest version. The frame will need to be drilled and tapped to accept this mount

The mounts below will take the C more style sight, and or can be trimmed and drilled to take theG&G mini dot, or the RMR silver same price. see the black mount below with the G&G sight fitted.

Airsoft Masterpiece C more mount, £49.00 I only have the patterns in stock those shown above

The frame will need to be drilled and tapped to accept this mount

GG mount 20

The Elite Custom 3D printed mini dot mount for the TM Hi 5.1 and Gold Match (Not the 4.3 or DOR)£14.00. It is designed to accept the G&G Mini dot sight as shown, and the Shield, it may fit others? RMR version available now £14.00 These replace the rear sight on a Hi capa slide.

I can only confirm that the two 3D mounting plates I sell fit the TM 5.1 Hi Capa and Gold Match, and the sights I stock, thats the G&G Doctor replica, the RMR replica, Vortex Venom and the Shield mini sight? There are dozens of other sights availabe, some of which look the same, but may have different mounting requirements?

The top one is for the repica RMR I stock, the lower one is for the G&G Mini red dot, it will also accept the Shield version, and the Vortex Venom. I do not sell them as a universal mounting plate for all red dot sights available? It is possible that they will fit other sights, but please dont ask, as I have not seen every available sight.


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