Gas Pistol Parts...

TM original parts, for Hi Capa. Please note that these parts are all designed for use with the Tokyo Marui Hi capa, a lot WILL not fit or work correctly with WE, KJW or othe clones. You buy them at your risk, I will not take them back, if they do not work in your gun

TM Hi Capa slide stop silver only £12.00

Elite magazine catch for all Hi Capa's Nitride coated, not painted, so less likely to peel or wear £5.00 each Black including spring and bolt

TM magazine catch for all Hi Capa's £4.00 each silver including spring and bolt

AIP stainless steel pin set silver only £7.00

GM G triggerTM Gold Match trigger £5.00

New 51 triggerTM 5.1 Hammer £10.00, just the hammer no strut or pin.

5.1 sightsSight for Hi Capa's front for 4.3 & 5.1 £6.00. Rear complete sight £20.00, OUT OF STOCK

TM sear spring, £5.00

TM trigger bow £6.00

TM 5.1 original loading nozzle with internals £6.00, fits 4.3, 5.1 and Gold Match

TM Hi Capa original hop base, 1 only in stock £19.00

Elite aluminium RIS rail with screws, gives you a rail for a 5.1 frame, black only £9.00 This is not the TM cast pot metal one.

TM HC gripTM Grip for all Hi Capa's £10.00, note this is just the grip and main spring housing, no screws, no internal parts in the main spring housing etc. OUT OF STOCK

Steel retaining cup for grip MSH £1.00

TM recoil springTM std recoil spring, for Hi Capa 4.3. 5.1, £4.00

Sil guide rodTM 5.1 guide rod, £7.00,

TM barrelsTM original brass barrels 4 inch or 5 inch, will fit, Hi Capa, MEU etc 1911, £4.00


TM knocker and springValve knocker (firing pin) for all Hi Capa's will not fit 1911/MEU etc £5.00 inc spring

TM routersGas routers for HI Capa, £2.00 for the 28 and 32 rd mags back in stock

Original TM mag lips, for Hi Capa only etc £3.00 BACK IN STOCK

Original TM output valve £7.00

hop rubbersHop Rubber for most TM pistols, MEU/1911/P226 and all Hi Capa's £4.00

baseBlack mag bumpers for Hi Capa 5.1 magazines £4.00 each.

CCT piston headCCT enhanced piston head for all TM Hi Capa's etc, tighter and more durable £5.00

TM recoil plugsTM gold plug

Recoil rod guide plugs for Hi Capa 5.1,black, silver or gold £9.00, Not for the 1911 etc I do not keep them for the 4.3.

Please note all of the above are genuine Tokyo Marui parts (unless otherwise stated), I cannot guarantee that they will fit or work with TM clones


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