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All the parts here are for the Tokyo Marui Hi capa, some will also fit the TM M1911 or MEU, but not all will. Please note these parts are as I say above the Tokyo Marui Hi capa, I cannot guarantee that they will fit or work with clones, IE WE, KJW, Army, Socom Gear etc, you buy at your own risk if you have one of these?

Please be aware that even high quality aftermarket parts, triggers, hammers, and any other parts may require some fitting, especially if parts from different makers are being used together. If in doubt, get advice, or a competent gunsmith to fit them for you.

GM steel hop

New Guns Modify Steel hop unit, unbreakable and will not wear when used with a steel barrel, note this does not include the hop arm or wheel, the prong can be removed so it's for both 1911 and all Hi Capas £62.00

UAC hop base

Advanced hop base from UAC, 7075 aircraft quality aluminium, the hop wheel is locked in position, the movement between the hop unit and the frame is adjustable for a perfect fit. £43.00 inc a steel hop arm. The prong is for use with TM 1911's or with a steel guide rod, it is removable for use with the Hi Capa.

The hop units with the prong will fit any TM 1911 varient, and also any Hi Capa with a guide rod that has the hole in the rear, this combination adds a bit more stability to the hop and barrel assembly, thus helping to improve accuracy.

GB loading nozzle

Gunsmith Bros, uprated loading nozzle for all Hi capa's £10.00 complete with all internals

UAC Routers

UAC Improved gas routers, for Hi Capa magazines sit higher in the magazines, so giving a better seal with the loading nozzle. £5.00 each

UAC hopNew the UAC hop rubber, hardness rating 70, perfect for modified higher power pistol's and any one using heavier BB's £7.00

Gunsmith Bros (Airsoft Masterpiece) brass hop unit for all Hi Capa's, inc arm and wheel, £46.00, UAC hop rubber optional @ £7.00) durable and precision made, not cheap, but if you want the best possible accuracy and consistant performance, recommended.

Steel hop armGunsmith Bros, steel hop arm, much more resistent to bending the the std TM version £6.00,

AKA sil pin setAKA Steel pin set for Hi Capa 5.1 or 4.3, will not fit 1911/MEU £6.00, silver.

aip int springsAIP internal Hi capa spring set, Knocker lock spring, knocker spring, mag catch spring and safety and slide stop pin spring (now 2 of each in a pack) £4.00 OUT OF STOCK

Elite Sear springElite Steel sear spring, stronger then the TM one, so keeps tension longer avoiding full auto problem's £8.00

Steel HC sear

Steel sear for all Hi capa's, will not wear, or at least not quickly, can be filed to give a crisp let off (do not try this unless you are skilled) Price £11.00

Steel knockerSteel knockers (firing pin) for all Hi capa's £9.00 for all TM frames, inc the CNC advanced type


Reinforced Loading Nozzle's & Piston head's

Elite BB unitElite blk bb unitElite alloy light weight BB unit, 21g black or silver £22.00 inc spring, spare O rings £2.00 for 3 SILVER ONLY IN STOCK

Please note that, this items is designed for use in alloy slides, if fitted to a plastic slide, you will not see any advantage.

Please note these parts should fit the pistol without any fitting, but please be aware that you may have to file or do some other work to your frame or slide. If in doubt then get a competent gunsmith to fit it for you.

UAC nozzleAluminium loading nozzle, very consistant gas flow, and virtually unbreakable £53.00 (note the nozzle is not supplied with any internal parts, you use your existing ones)

UAC blockerAlloy valve blocker for Alloy Loading nozzle £18.00, is now silver.

UAC floating valveAluminium floating valve, for use in Hi Capa loading nozzles, ver 2, stronger then the original £12.00.

UAC NSUAC uprated 125% nozzle spring, for faster and consisent operation £3.00

UAC knocker lock springUAC knocker lockUAC stainless steel knocker lock £12.00, OUT OF STOCK. Pack of 2 springs £3.00

UAC discUAC stainless steel competition disconnector £12.00

AIP steel discAIP steel disconnector £12.00

AS discAirsoft Surgeon steel disconnector black £11.00

AIP lockAIP steel knocker lock and spring £12.00


AIP 140% uprated recoil and hammer springs. These are a must if you install an alloy slide and/or frame onto your gas blow back pistol. Available for TM 1911/MEU, Hi Capa 5.1 and 4.3, and Night Warrior pistols.

Price: £8.00, also back in stock 120% version, £8.00

UAC Shock Buff

UAC Shock Buffers with steel washers, help to absorb recoil, and or act as a short stroke kit. you get 3 of each buffer, the yellow is 40% hard, the green is 60% and the blue 80% so by mixing and matching you can get exactly the effect you want £11.00


ad buffer

A depot 4 hard shaped rubber shock absorbers with 3 steel washer's, originally sold as an aid to soften recoil, but by using by testing the correct No of rubbers, it will short stroke the slide cycle £5.00, note the rubbers will break up in time and need to be replaced?


AD guide rodsA Depot steel 2 piece 5.1 guide rods, sliver, back or gold £13.00, please note these guide rods have the hole at the rear to accept hop units with the prong.



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